High Rise

posted on: Monday, November 24, 2014

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There are some days when you just want to dress down in neutrals, or rather be dressed "Office Lady" style. So many times I have observed women during the morning rush hour in pencil skirts, peplum tops, body skimming shift dresses, and I can't help but think if they were stuffy in those uptight dresses and towering platform heels. Or do they even feel comfortable in it at all? Why not go for something that offers more movement, yet projects quiet confidence like this midi pleat skirt from Shop at Velvet?
I paired the skirt with an equally neutral beige pleat blouse. With beautiful pleats and ruffles at its hem, cap sleeves and a boat neck, I think this blouse simply exudes feminine elegance. Never stuff yourself in something you can't even move properly in, or a skirt that keeps riding up when you sit or walk. You'd just feel uncomfortable and self-conscious the whole day, and trust me, people would notice.

Living in Sportswear

posted on: Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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I finally had time to do a "ghetto" carpark rooftop shoot with dearest Phoebe. I paired this otherwise very girly and feminine ribbon bow tiefront top from Shop at Velvet with acid-wash Cheap Monday jeans and my trusty ol' Converse sneakers.
I don't usually go with streetwear, but this shoot was very fun and liberating to shoot. I was running across the rooftop, jumping from one elevated platform to another, jumping off heights, and laying around on the concrete. Sometimes it's always nice to venture out of one's usual style and be someone else. I usually reserve that to once or twice a month, usually dressing up for themed events - hip hop, ghetto kid, punk rock... I've tried them all. And then coming back to my own personal style, wearing clothes that fit well and make me feel good always feels like coming home. Almost like the fabric is embracing you. I guess that's what they call second skin.

Leaving you off with a silly BTS shot. This was really quite hilarious and my expression when I was jumping off... I would rather not share :D

Nakedgloryvera rooftops-18
"Ok, now jump!" "Omg really cannot it's too high and scary!" "Just jump lah." "Okok I'm jumping! AHHHHHH"

All Natural - Dr Belter Cosmetic skincare treatment review

posted on: Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm not one who is huge on beauty, but I do realize the importance of having really good skin. Previously, I used to see a derm who put me on a Accutane, which is concentrated Vitamin A, which helps to control oil secretion and keep my disgustingly shiny T-zone area matte all day, but since I've been slowly phasing myself out from taking pills, the annoying clogged pores starting to come back. It's no surprise that this lazy girl has chosen to go for a facial, but a very natural one using Dr. Belter Cosmetic at Annabelle Skin salon.

Shirley, whom is owner of the salon, explained that Dr. Belter Cosmetic is a treatment product line which retails exclusively through salons only and generally treatment products are able to offer a much targeted skincare treatment result for specific needs of your skin. Dr. Belter actually combines natural and medicinal ingredients of plant origin with high-tech pro-medical active ingredients. All products are made of 95 -100% natural ingredients free of parabens and silicone oils - which is HALELUJAH in my mind. I'm increasingly getting sensitive to the ingredients which goes into products and I hope to slowly phase all chemical products for hair, skin and nails out to replace them with products based upon natural and organic ingredients instead.

For my facial using Dr. Belter, Shirley applied a Cryo Rebalancing Treatment on my skin using Dr Belter's Intensa line which treats specific skincare concerns, after having examined my skin using a magnifier/scanner to determine my skin problems. I hate my sensitive and combination skin sometimes - it's oily on the T-zone, yet actually still dry inside as I will experience peeling on my nose.

  1. Cleansing - Cleansing was gently done by using Line N Cleansing gel, which is suitable for young skin. 
  2. Deep Cleansing - Then comes Deep Cleansing using Intensa Natural Healing Clay Mask with one spoon of water to work it up to a foam which removes impurities. The clay mask contains organic tormentil root extract which has astringent and pore-refining properties.
  3. Massage with Ampoules - Intensa Ampoule with Aloe Vera Concentrate was used to soothe and hydrate the skin, followed with a Intensa gentle mask that contains hyaluronic acid for deep hydration. Then a very comfortable lymphatic facial massage that made me fall asleep.
  4. Mask - Intensa CryoMoist mask was applied and left to dry for 15 minutes.
  5. Finish Off - Nu Cream Vitagel C/E was applied - this was a lightweight moisturizing gel that sat very well on my skin.
Dr Belter (1 of 1)

I was really feeling like my skin was well fed and hydrated after the facial, with considerable brightening effects as well, probably thanks to the deep cleansing and exfoliation process. I was quite convinced that using salon-exclusive brands are actually sometimes better than using even premium skincare brands such as SK-II and Estee Lauder etc because these brands usually don't rely on advertising but rather the true efficacy of its products to target specific skin issues.

I also feel very assured as Dr Belter is actually founded by Dr Clemens Belter, a true biochemist by trade, for his wife who is a beauty therapist. With all natural plant derivatives paired with science to ensure that the molecules of the treatment products are kept small for better dermis absorption,  it's no wonder that the brand has amassed a cult following in Europe!

Behind Alice + Olivia

posted on: Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Alice + Olivia is one contemporary brand which I really love amongst the current labels contemporary lines we see today. It has just the right mix of quirkiness and fun, mixed with feminine elegance and sophistication, which really stands out for me amongst all the minimal/ slightly boheme designs usually seen for contemporary labels. Founded by Stacey Bendet, the brand represents the designer's slightly eclectic dressing preferences and her fun and carefree attitude.

Stacey started her brand based upon just a pair of retro pants which she made for herself, after those retro pants Mick Jagger wore in the 70s - cut low and tight at the hips with a exaggerated bell bottom flare. Her label was quickly picked up by Barney's and shortly after, Theory expressed interest and Alice + Olivia was born.

Stacey Bendet stuck to her own aesthetic - at first glance, the label is very girly and quirky, using primarily mod black and white and pops of red, as well as heavy use of lace, floral jacquard motifs and A line skirts and gowns. But upon closer examination, one can see the work in the cut and tailoring to elongate and enhance the feminine figure - be it a nipped in waist or bias cut jumpsuit pants.

Alice + Olivia FW14 ii Alice + Olivia FW14 i Alice + Olivia FW14 iii Alice + Olivia FW14 iv
The recent FW14 was based upon a mysterious Enchanted Wonderland, with Victorian details in the lace, detailing on collars and sleeves, and the use of fur and deep, rich colors bordering on royal decadence. The butterfly motifs are also particularly brought out the aspect of that inspiration. The collection appeals to every girl's inner fairy princess, while still remaining very wearable. Under Stacey's eye, dresses with high Victorian like collars embroidered with semiprecious stones and jewels looked both sexy and sophisticated, instead of overly dressy or pretentious.

In her own words, Stacey says "I just want dressing to be fun, feminine and fanciful and make women feel beautiful". And it's no wonder that she has a following of 371,000 followers on Instagram who actively follow her daily sartorial choices.

For a lady who can wear a tiara and ball gown to work, she makes it all look incredibly easy and effortless. I definitely stand by Stacey's belief that dressing up should really be fun and about self discovery - something that one can indulge in every morning.

You can visit the A+O boutique over at ION Orchard - it's a real treat I promise!
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