Jean Shrimpton Boho Girl

posted on: Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Revolve clothing x nakedgloryvera-1-2 Revolve clothing x nakedgloryvera 3 Revolve Clothing x nakedgloryvera resized-55 Revolve clothing x nakedgloryvera 2 Revolve Clothing x nakedgloryvera resized-51 I fell in love with this Shrimpton Blouse from Faithfull the Brand the first time I saw it in their upcoming collection. For me, this was the one item that stood out as the key collection with its lace up details and billowy poet sleeve blouse.

For those not familiar, Jean Shrimpton was British supermodel who embodied the Swingin' Sixties era of London. She was most characteristically known for her cat eye look - it's hard, personally I find, not to fall in love with this wide eyed girl.

Paired it with the faux suede leather skirt from Zalora, by Dorothy Perkins to complete this cute bohemian girl look.

How to Find the Perfect Little Black Dress

posted on: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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I have been endlessly searching for the perfect LBD and have finally found it at Revolve Clothing, where they had an endless list of LBDs. This one I got is from the label Endless Rose - I fell in love with it at first sight as it is sexy but not too revealing. I also like the light touches of lace at the slit and the chest hem - A little bit of detail goes a long way!

This dress has a cutout at the back - which gives it greater allure and overall I just feel very sexy wearing it, which is what a LBD should be! It should show just the right amount of skin without being too slutty - Always keep it classy and sexy and you'd be taking everyone's attention at the next cocktail party. The great thing about this is that you can just throw on a long black blazer for it to work even during the day.

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How to Find the Perfect Little Black Dress

  1. Find one that shows off your assets. If you have a pear shape body, you can opt for this style with the side slit that does not constrict your movements too much. If you're strawberry shape, ie heavier on top, then you can opt for either a deep V or heart shape neckline OR cover it up with a halter neckline but with a body skimming cut and midi length but with a back cutout instead!
  2. Flaunt, but always be classy. If the dress is short, AND it has a deep V, OR it is backless, it may get a little too much and leave too little to imagination. Choose one part to focus on - Show some skin but not too much.
  3. Look out for interesting details. At any party or function, you can just blindly point and find a lady in black. The LBD is versatile and great for so many occasions but to avoid blending into everyone else, look out for interesting details such as additional lace, fabric buttons or interesting cut etc to stand out from the crowd. 

By the Harbour

Revolve Clothing x nakedgloryvera resized-5 Revolve clothing x nakedgloryvera 7 Revolve Clothing x nakedgloryvera resized-61 Revolve Clothing x nakedgloryvera resized-62 Revolve Clothing x nakedgloryvera resized-8 Revolve Clothing x nakedgloryvera resized-60 I have always had a yearning for the sea - And I've made that obvious in my previous posts here and here as well.

This handprinted off shoulder top, aptly named Le Pirate from Faithfull the Brand really hits me with a bout of sea voyage. It's been awhile since I have sailed on a cruise, my last experience was abroad a big traditional sailing ship in Santorini - An experience which I still hold dear to my heart. Sea, sun, salt, tousled hair, tanned skin turning a shade darker by the hour... I miss it so much.

Shot at One Fullerton, which used to be the key harbour port to Singapore, with my trusty Longchamp voyage bag. Take me away.
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