Moonriver - Digital Fashion Week

posted on: Monday, December 8, 2014

Finders Keepers moonrivers dress-4 Finders Keepers moonrivers dress-2 Finders Keepers moonrivers dress-3 Finders Keepers moonrivers dress-5 Finders Keepers moonrivers dress-1 Wearing Finders Keepers 'Moonriver' dress from Eclecticism, Cambridge Satchel Co x Comme des Garcons leather satchel, Zalora label strappy silver heels, Accessories from Curated Editions & Xannareis

When you have good lighting, all it takes is 10 minutes for a quick shoot. I wore this beautiful print dress from Finders Keepers for Digital Fashion Week. Me and Phoebe shot this outside the show venue at National Design Centre just behind this huge lit-up balloon. I term this my Moonriver dress as I imagine this as how the moon were to look like if it were to melt into a river.

My love for Australian labels and designers never ends - strong prints, clean and simple silhouette but with tailored fits and edgy, unexpected details - totally things that I would look out for in an outfit. And thanks to Eclecticism, you can now shop all the popular Australian labels in Wheelock Place.

Kpop & Me - Digital Fashion Week Getup

posted on: Friday, December 5, 2014

Digital Fashion Week vera-1 Digital Fashion Week vera-2 Digital Fashion Week vera-4 Digital Fashion Week vera-6 Digital fashion week vera 1 Digital Fashion Week vera-10 Digital Fashion Week vera-8 Digital Fashion Week vera-9 Digital Fashion Week vera-7
Wearing Cameo digital print skater dress, vintage cardigan, Building Block bucket bag from Here & There Store, Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld platform heels

I've never understood the draw of kpop - to me it's just silly lyrics and over-exaggerated dance moves that look extremely rehearsed. (I'm probably drawing the ire of many fans while I speak.) But in this print skater dress from Cameo, I can't help but feel like I'm some Korean artiste, especially when I get told that I look Korean by almost everyone I meet.

The dress is extremely flattering with black outlining the curves of a woman and the colors in the print just photographs extremely well. Every once in a while, it's nice to just the throw on a statement print dress that flatters!

I would call this a Kaleidescope print thanks to it's multi-faceted rainbow colors almost like broken fragments of light. I guess that while I dislike Kpop, I don't dislike the fashion and trends that it spawns. They are indeed bringing more attention to trend based fashion and awakening the consciousness of more people.

High Rise

posted on: Monday, November 24, 2014

Nakedgloryvera rooftops-4 Nakedgloryvera rooftops 1 Nakedgloryvera rooftops-3 Nakedgloryvera rooftops-7
There are some days when you just want to dress down in neutrals, or rather be dressed "Office Lady" style. So many times I have observed women during the morning rush hour in pencil skirts, peplum tops, body skimming shift dresses, and I can't help but think if they were stuffy in those uptight dresses and towering platform heels. Or do they even feel comfortable in it at all? Why not go for something that offers more movement, yet projects quiet confidence like this midi pleat skirt from Shop at Velvet?

I paired the skirt with an equally neutral beige pleat blouse. With beautiful pleats and ruffles at its hem, cap sleeves and a boat neck, I think this blouse simply exudes feminine elegance. Never stuff yourself in something you can't even move properly in, or a skirt that keeps riding up when you sit or walk. You'd just feel uncomfortable and self-conscious the whole day, and trust me, people would notice.

Living in Sportswear

posted on: Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nakedgloryvera rooftops-14 Nakedgloryvera rooftops-19 Nakedgloryvera rooftops-17 Nakedgloryvera rooftops-10 Nakedgloryvera rooftops-16 Nakedgloryvera rooftops 2 Nakedgloryvera rooftops-21 Nakedgloryvera rooftops-8
I finally had time to do a "ghetto" carpark rooftop shoot with dearest Phoebe. I paired this otherwise very girly and feminine ribbon bow tiefront top from Shop at Velvet with acid-wash Cheap Monday jeans and my trusty ol' Converse sneakers.

I don't usually go with streetwear, but this shoot was very fun and liberating to shoot. I was running across the rooftop, jumping from one elevated platform to another, jumping off heights, and laying around on the concrete. Sometimes it's always nice to venture out of one's usual style and be someone else. I usually reserve that to once or twice a month, usually dressing up for themed events - hip hop, ghetto kid, punk rock... I've tried them all. And then coming back to my own personal style, wearing clothes that fit well and make me feel good always feels like coming home. Almost like the fabric is embracing you. I guess that's what they call second skin.

Leaving you off with a silly BTS shot. This was really quite hilarious and my expression when I was jumping off... I would rather not share :D

Nakedgloryvera rooftops-18
"Ok, now jump!" "Omg really cannot it's too high and scary!" "Just jump lah." "Okok I'm jumping! AHHHHHH"
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