Vera Tries - Chez Vous Triology Hair Review

posted on: Sunday, August 7, 2016

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As someone who gets bored really fast, I am always making changes to my hair – color, highlights, low lights, bleaching, perm… I’ve tried it all. As a result, my hair has become more fragile and prone to breakage over the years and dried ends/ frizz is a common issue on bad hair days.

I was told to give Trilogy System by Chez Vous a try – I was skeptical of the results initially but now I’m really sold! It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve had my treatment and my hair is still as soft and shiny as when I have just stepped out of the salon. Trilogy System is an exclusive treatment developed by the folks at Chez Vous, comprising of 3 services to work in synergy to achieve healthy and shiny hair.

Phase 1: Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder
Phase 1 seeks to rebuild and strengthen damaged and chemically treated hair from within the hair shaft to give results that can’t be washed away. Instead of usual treatments would targets the hair with active ingredients on the surface, the bond rebuilder elements repair broken bonds in the hair shaft and added amino acids seals the repaired protein bonds for long lasting strengthening. Wearing this "hat" for the products to penetrate more deeply into the hair.

Chez Vous Trichology Review x Vera

Phase 2:  Resculpting Supreme
Phase 2 transform unmanageable hair into soft, natural, healthy looking tresses with keratin and silk proteins. The unique thing about this retexturising service is that it helps to resculpt and re-texturize the hair to suit the contouring based on your facial shape and so you can just point a hair dryer at your hair and it will fall in place nicely.

Chez Vous Trichology Review-4 Chez Vous Trichology Review

Phase 3: Express Revitalizing Supreme
Chez Vous worked together with skincare specialists to come up with this first-ever hair treatment inspired by advanced skincare – it incorporates ingredients typically found in skincare like hyaluronic acid, peptides and amino acid and applies that to the treatment together with an ultrasonic machine.

You know how sometimes after you’ve dyed your hair too many times or have bleached it and the hair feels coarse to touch and tangles at the ends? That was me before but now I can run my hand through my hair smoothly. As for the shine, my hair was really shampoo ad ready after I stepped out from the salon, but even after 2 weeks now it was still retained some of the original shine and in general I now have zero frizz, smooth hair and bouncy curls!

Can’t be more pleased. Thank you Chez Vous!

Disclosure: Vera was invited by Chez Vous for a media trial.

Prices: Starting from $155 per session of the Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder, $375 for a session of the Resculpting Supreme and $185 for a session of the Express Revitalizing Supreme. A complete series of the Trilogy System is recommended for optimum results.

Chez Vous is located at #05-05 Ngee Ann City.

Exploring National Gallery Singapore

posted on: Friday, May 13, 2016

National Gallery Cmeo x nakedgloryvera-9 National Gallery Cmeo x nakedgloryvera-4 National Gallery Cmeo x nakedgloryvera i National Gallery Cmeo x nakedgloryvera National Gallery Cmeo x nakedgloryvera-14

Since the opening of National Gallery, I’ve probably flocked to it several times, and not always for the paintings that hang within it but more for its stunning architecture. The National Gallery was formerly the Supreme Court of Singapore and is a monumental building that houses a large portion of Singapore’s history even before its independence. The new revamp kept the original architecture but features added beams and a rooftop terrace that allows light to stream in during the day.

National Gallery Cmeo x nakedgloryvera-8 National Gallery Cmeo x nakedgloryvera-12 National Gallery Cmeo x nakedgloryvera-5
Wearing Cameo crop top and Mango wide leg pants

The Cameo top is one of my favorite crop tops for its circular bustline and bareback design – it’s perfect for the hot Singapore climate! As it’s 30-32C year-round in Singapore, I always opt for camisoles or bareback tops, or light 100% cotton shirts to keep the heat out. It’s important to be discerning towards the fabric of the clothes you wear – polyester blends are popular now as it is cheaper but it actually makes you sweat easier since the heat is easily trapped within the synthetic fibers.

What are your takes on selecting fabrics? Or do you not look out for it at all in purchasing clothes?

French Style Dressing Tips

posted on: Monday, May 9, 2016

French girl style nakedgloryvera French girl style nakedgloryvera-6 French girl style nakedgloryvera-13 French girl style nakedgloryvera-18
People always ask what makes French women chic. The truth, I think, is very simple – 
  1. They stick to a few really well cut basics with added details instead of compromising their style and chasing after trends. They know what works and what doesn’t, so the overall look and style is always consistent and timeless. Frankly, all you need to have are just a few hardworking basics of really good fabrics and cut, and you can keep rewearing them for years. 
  2. They dress for themselves and not for other people’s eyes, which is why hemlines and sleeves are usually longer, instead of short skirts and camisoles. I guess this gives them the je ne sais quoi, effortless quality to their outfits.

French girl style nakedgloryvera-5 French girl style nakedgloryvera-17 French girl style nakedgloryvera i French girl style nakedgloryvera-11 I recently got this A-line flare skirt from Sandro Paris and really like the subtle knit texture of it and really love this look when paired together with this ribbon-tie shirt. Wearing this pair of suede leather sandals from Raye the Label, available from Revolve – I really like it for its comfort since the heel is really sturdy to walk in and also the fact that it pretty much goes with everything. 

For the month of May, Revolve is offering up to 25% off everything from 10 - 12 May! Use code REVOLVEME.

SPEND $250 → TAKE 15% OFF 
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SPEND $750 → TAKE 25% OFF

I'd take this chance to update my summer wardrobe. BRB.
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